Basic facts about Icebreaker Ships

An Icebreaker, as the name suggests, is a ship specifically designed to travel through ice-covered water, breaking the ice along the way and clearing a safe path for itself and other ships.  

How do Icebreaker Ships Work?

An Icebreaker ship is designed to enable people to sail through ice-covered waters, by breaking the ice blocks and creating a clear passage through the Arctic seas.

Where are Icebreakers Used?

Given their specific purpose of travelling through ice-covered waters, icebreaker ships are mostly used in the coldest areas of the globe, which include Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can choose your pick up and drop of location during the booking process. Price will be calculated accordingly. Your luggage will be stored in the bus during the tour. 

Yes, when you are coming by our shuttle bus you can store your luggage in the bus during entire trip.

Yes, you can make your way with your own car and park free of charge at the port of departure. There is no actual border between Finland and Sweden, you can drive non-stop via the border.


There is no age limit for participating in cruise, children of all ages are welcome on board!

Survival suits are available at size 125 cm, children at height over 120 cm can swim.

No, double layer survival suit will keep you insulated form cold water. You put on the suit over your normal indoor clothes.

No, swimming is voluntary.

Walking on sea ice is allowed only when  ice is solid and at least 20 cm thick. Early winter cruises may not allow walking on ice activity. Captain makes decision when if it is safe to walk on ice on each cruise. 

During the cruise meals are not served, but snacks and beverages can be purchased from cafeteria on board. Icebreaker buffet lunch is offered at extra charge in restaurant on shore after the morning cruise and before afternoon cruise.

We do not practice discount coupons. For lower price look for “Best” and “Value” price available in timetable.