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COVID-19 Cancellation Cover allows you to cancel your cruise and apply for a refund in case you cannot travel due to  sudden restrictions caused by COVID-19. Cancellation Cover applies to the original cruise fare and any additional extras purchased together with cruise and provided by Polar Explorer for those passengers that are not able to travel.  The imperative nature of the cancellation is always assessed based on valid official restrictions. Please note that you must provide a valid travel documents showing your origin departure destination and date along with the refund application request.

Cancellation Cover covers if

  • a tour is cancelled because of origin departure destination country national border or regional border crossing is restricted by government at the moment of originally scheduled departure for trip
  • a national border of Finland or Sweden is restricted for crossing for leisure purposes at the date of your scheduled cruise
  • a tour is cancelled because of rule of min 14 days quarantine upon return to home destination is set before the date of departure for a trip from home destination

Cancellation Cover does not covers if

  • a customer voluntarily decides not to travel because of fear of COVID-19 or not able to travel as being diagnosed with COVID-19. These cases to be claimed from travel insurance
  • any other services related to tour. Cancellation Cover only covers the icebreaker cruise fare for Polar Explorer and Arctic Explorer cruises and additional travel extras purchased from Polar Explorer together with cruise.
  • cancellation due to any other than Covid-19 restrictions reason
  • Cancellation Cover fee 25 € per person


25 €

Price is same for any cruise fare.

Price is charged per person and covers all services included in same reservation.
Cancellation Cover is free of charge for children under 4 years.


no exit

Region lockdown

Your origin departure destination region is locked down for COVID-19 quarantine 2 days before your scheduled departure for a tour and you are not allowed to leave the region. Cancellation Cover makes it possible to get a refund for all the passengers included into the reservation against of departure from locked region proof.

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Border crossing restriction

Border of Finland is closed for crossing for COVID-19 reason on your cruise departure day. Cancellation Cover makes it possible to get a refund for all passengers included into reservation against of proof that you are located in Finland on the day of your cruise departure (accommodation reservation confirmation).

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14 days quarantine

Your local government is setting 14 days quarantine rule for all those returning from abroad. You decided to cancel the tour as you can not stay on quarantine for work or similar reason. Cancellation Cover makes it possible to get a refund for all the passengers included into the reservation against of residence location proof.

Refund claim procedure

You must cancel your reservation before scheduled cruise departure date. Cancellation to be sent by email [email protected] Reservations cancelled after cruise departure are considered as “now show” and will not be processed. 
Include all necessary evidence into your cancellation email. Polar Explorer may request more information or clarification in order to proceed with refund.
Polar Explorer will handle the personal information related to Cancellation Cover with extra care and all information will be destroyed after the claims handling process has ended.
Claim and refund process may take up to 14 days.