Finnish Lapland – main attractions

Planning to visit Finnish Lapland? Be sure to take all the best from your trip. 

Visit Rovaniemi

  • Santa Claus: The home of Santa Claus and capital of Finnish Lapland Rovaniemi is must for visit while in Lapland. You can cross the Arctic Circle and get Arctic Circle certificate with your name. Visit Santa Claus office and have a personal appointment with Santa.
  • Reindeer and husky safari is adventure for a whole family. Lean about reindeer life cycle, have a relaxing reindeer sled ride in snowy forest under Aurora sky or exciting husky self drive safari.
  • Arctic Snow Hotel offers glass igloo and snow igloo accommodation under Aurora Borealis sky. You can order a wake up call from Aurora Guard not to miss Northern Light at night.
    Visit Snow Castle, take a drink in Ice bar, have Aurora dinner in cozy teepee or in snow restaurant.

Arktikum museum exhibition tells about life in Arctic areas nature and people all over the globe, Aurora Borealis phenomenon and history of Rovaniemi. You can order a guided tour or take an audio guide in museum.

Ranua Zoo located in 85 km from Rovaniemi is great experience for everyone. You can find many species of Arctic animals in the wildlife park Ranua.

Variety of snowmobile safaris are running daily. You can combine snowmobiling with husky or reindeer farm visits or take a night snowmobile safari to hunt for Aurora Borealis.

Visit Kemi

Nestled along the Bothnian sea’s northern shores sits the quaint Finnish town of Kemi. Kemi is first of all famous about it’s Snow Castle “LumiLinna” and icebreaker Sampo and Polar Explorer cruises.

  • The LumiLinna Snow CastleBuilt for the first time in 1996 as a gift to all of the world’s children, the LumiLinna Snow Castle features spectacular architectural designs and many activities. Since them Kemi Snow Castle is built every year and welcoming visitors from then end of January until late March. Inside the breathtaking depths of Kemi’s Snow Castle, you’ll find:
  • The Snow Restaurant: From the carefully constructed ice tables and snowy seats covered with reindeer fur to the plethora of ice sculptures and artworks, a visit to the Snow Castle is not complete without a meal in the world-renowned Snow Restaurant.
  • The Snow Chapel: As one of the prime wedding venues in Finland, the Snow Chapel is best known for its magnificent beauty and mystical allure that makes it a must-see for lovers and honeymooning couples.
  • And More: As you wander through the halls of Kemi’s Snow Castle, you’ll discover an inviting children’s adventure land, a fully-functioning theatre, a splendid Snow Hotel, and various ice-based exhibitions, all of which are teeming with lively lights and stimulating sound effects.

The Ice Breaker Ship Polar Explorer

As the foremost attraction in the quiet town of Kemi, this mesmerizing marine mammoths Polar Explorer Icebreakers takes you on a captivating cruise through the Bothnian Bay’s frozen waters, an exhilarating journey that includes:

Some of the most fascinating displays of ice-breaking power you’ll ever see as the ship breaks the dense frozen ice beneath its hull, carving out a pictorial path in the Bothnian Bay along the way.

The Ice Breaker’s Captain will carve out an ice-free pool of water in the middle of the bay, where you’ll do a flotation-survival suit before engaging in a spellbinding swimming session.

A guided tour of the gargantuan vessel that covers everything from the Captain’s bridge on the top floor to the bustling engine rooms under the surface.

Alternative Kemi Hotspots

After spending time on the Ice Breaker’s main deck and visiting the ever-popular Snow Castle, you might want to try some of these sites and sights:

Kemi Church: Consecrated in 1902, this Gothic Revival-style church was heavily renovated in 2003, making it one of the most visually attractive architectural features in Kemi.

Bothnian Bay National Park: Established in 1991, this well-known park displays ever-changing scenery due to the constant post-glacial reverberations. Each visit to this park is distinctive and inimitable.

The Gemstone Gallery: Displaying more than 3,000 stones from over 60 countries, and a remarkable replica of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain, this jewel galleria is one of the more interesting points of interest in Kemi.

Visit Ivalo

Ivalo and Kakslauttanen igloo village are famous about Northern Lights. Due to unique microclimate amount of clear sky days during winter season, Ivalo and Kakslauttanen are one of the best spots to observe Aurora Borealis.

In Kakslauttanen igloo village you can choose an alternative to stay in glass igloo or in cozy wooden cabin. Also you can choose kelo-glass igloo – wooden cabin with glass dome. Accommodation in glass igloo or kelo-glass igloo gives you a high chance to see Aurora Borealis from your bed entire night.

Santa Claus, reindeer, husky and snowmobile activities are available on the spot. Daily tours are organized to Santa Claus Village and Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi and also for Icebreaker cruise.


Most frequent questions and answers

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There is no age limit for participating in a cruise, children of all ages are welcome on board!
Survival suits are available at size 125 cm so if your child height is close to 125 cm they can swim. It is up to responsible crew member decision if the child is grown enough and it is safe to swim for child. 

No, a double layer survival suit, which you will put over your normal clothes, will keep you insulated from cold water.
Swimming is voluntary – so if you don’t feel like it you don’t have to do it.

Walking on sea ice is allowed only when ice is solid and at least 20 cm thick. Early winter cruises may not allow walking on ice activity.
Captain makes a decision when it is safe to walk on ice on each cruise.

The ship is not wheelchair accessible due to high thresholds around the ship required for water holding in case of flood.

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There is no border control between Finland and Sweden, driving is non-stop. Though occasional check may happen. Please also have valid ID with you.
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